Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am late but that doesn't mean i won't miss it.........

okayyy yes i am veryyyy late but this is a post which needs to be on my blog.

so it's not like i am a Jk Rowling fan but i am a Harry Potter fan :). Personally, i never liked the books but the movies were awesome and for some reason i cant believe next summer i will not be watching a new Harry Potter movie. It's over.

i still remember the first time i watched Harry Potter i was like 9, i think and i was so mesmerized  with the speaking hat,moving stairs and paintings!. it was all so magical and for 2 hours i was lost in another world completely. i always secretly wanted to be a Hogwarts student, i mean imagine how much fun it would be except fighting dangers that's a complete turn off cause i love my life.

Harry Potter, i will never forget you, you took me through my childhood, put a smile on my face every time i saw a movie about you. except the fighting scenes where most of the time i was on the edge of my seat. i will miss you but you and Hogwarts will be in my heart. it's something i will tell my kids.

i feel bad for today's 9 year olds i mean what do they have? twilight seriously that's just sad. i too hope they have something as exciting as Harry Potter to experience the thrill and for them to have something they will never forget.

Jk Rowling even though i didn't like the books much, i am grateful to you for making my childhood full of magic and to all those people who made the movies. i will truly miss Harry... the one who lived.

will you miss it?
think over it...


                                                         bye bye Hogwarts School :(

Saturday, May 28, 2011


My mom always used to tell me that she wished to start her own designer boutique (for clothes)  but at the time she graduated it was too risky and too expensive and so she stopped and took up teaching instead. However, today when we go shopping together and she enters a boutique i see in her eyes her dream is still in her heart but why?
i really don't know and neither does she....

Dreams are what keep us going,i guess because hoping that we can fulfill it someday, but, even if we know we can not we still do not leave it. Why? 

Is it because we fear we will have nothing to look forward to? or
Is it because our dreams become a part of us and it is too hard to let go? or
Is it because it's unfinished?

As these questions remain unanswered to me I ask you whether you still have let go of your dream or is it still hiding somewhere in your heart? Well if it is hiding then find it!! It's never too late because if you dared to dream then will dare to complete it otherwise the dream will be futile. Don't make the same mistake as my mom, waiting for the right time cause well you don't have forever to fulfill your dream.

In the end i would like to end by the quote that inspired me:

"Unfinished. Gaudí, to his credit, never gave up on his dream. But that's not usually how it goes. I mean it usually isn't a speeding bus that keeps the brown pointy weird church from getting built. Most of the time it's just too difficult, too expensive or too scary. It's only once you've stopped that you realize how hard it is to start again. So you force yourself not to want it. But it's always there, and until you finish it, it will always be... (unfinished)."
-ted mosby (how i met your mother)

and everyone the blog Overville just completed it's first year! it will put a smile on your face :D
go check it out its what inspired me to start blogging!

think over it....


Friday, March 18, 2011

Life as we know it....

                                          ( well the only appropriate picture i could find)

Well I love reading and yeah so I kinda read a lot but it mainly depends on my mood as to what kind of book I read. Does not everyone's?????

Chick flicks are one of my favorites probably cause I am a teenage girl and love dreaming about that perfect love I mentioned in my earlier post...

Sometimes I do, okay I am not gonna lie but most times I do think chick flick movies,books,articles etc all brighten up a girl's day!!! Oh how I wish if it were all to come true....

But however reality is not so amazing all the time because here I am sitting in my room imaging the story I am reading and in the other room my dad just finds out his close friend died....

Because of a heart attack and my full house is sad and I in a happy go lucky mood wish them "good morning" oblivious to what news they have heard....

Of course I learn about this incident much later... And I felt really bad :(

This just led me to think ...
Can you EVER know what can happen in a matter of seconds???? Cause that uncle (as I called him) was an absolutely content with his life but yet he passed away...
Just like Suddenly not even giving his family enough time for the fact of his death to sink in....

Time is definately an enemy of man and today initially I thought of telling you about how awesome chick flicks are but as I have learnt a better lesson in life I wrote about it to all of you...

And like me please pray to God that when his one year old daughter wakes up and asks for her "daddy" her mother has the strength to tell her the truth....

Think over it....
Is life really as we know it to be?????


                                                             this picture i really like:)

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Monday, March 7, 2011

L.O.V.E a word that exists or not???

(google images)

Well I have not even fallen in love....
I am just fifteen cut me some slack.
But judging as an outsider.. Is love today just a representation of what they show in movies so that people come and watch it and then go and dream about their "perfect ending" or in the words of Disney princesses "HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOREVER"

Of course parents love their kids but come on they have like given birth to them so it's like they are programmed to do so if they do not well then that's an exception but how can we expect someone besides our parents or siblings(just cause we are blood related) to love us. Just the way we love our family???

Dogs give unconditional love... And I know that cause I have one but they are a different breed altogether. So back my question can you actually fall in love and remain in love truly unconditionally with someone who is not your family???

It's a funny thing with teenagers cause most of my friends who are dating end up breaking up by like six months the longest I have heard of is my friend who lasted a year..... Yeah that's an accomplishment...and yes I even had a friend who dated the guy for half a day!! I mean come on... Seriously???? So yeah no hope with teens so far...

I even don not know whether my parents love each other I know sad thing to say but they do not seem to in love yet their marriage is lasting somehow... I mean never do they go out for a dinner alone... Yeah a movie sometimes but that's just cause maybe the movie is R rated so my sister and I can not come along but never does my dad send flowers to my mom or anything like that he does what you call romantic and so i ask this again is love never in reality like they show in movies??? Or can someone actually be romantic and have a happily ever after forever??? Is it possible to???

Think over it...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

the headphones theory

Including me their are many people listening to their Ipods.I should have noticed only the passenger sitting in front of me but i have noticed at least 3 more people as it is not like i was looking at people to see whether they were wearing their headphones but these 3 made sure their presence was felt and seen by others. 

                                          image:google images

One sitting in the first row of the aircraft, rocking his head made it evident to me as when i first looked at him i thought he was a weird dude but like 2 seconds later i noticed the "apple" headphones.... and understood.

I saw the second man when i was waiting to go to the toilet. This  man was hearing music before going inside and when he came out he was still doing the same i could come to know this because again of his "apple" headphones and the loud volume so loud that i even recognized that he was listening to Coldplay.
I am not against wearing headphones in the toilet but you have to agree it's kind of obscure to listen to music while you cleanse your digestive system!!!!!!!!!! 

Well till now i do not understand why people do this or is it just to show that one OWNS an "apple " ipod??????
I doubt any of these men would answer the question even if i asked them cause i think both of them  want to show off but you know very few people have the courage to admit it.... i know i would never do such a thing.
And its a typical Indian habit to show off.... therefore all i can say is if anyone is showing off deal with it! which can also be hard if you are an opinionated person like me......

Now, finally the third person well it is funny that all the people i have mentioned in this post are all men, probably women do not show off in such a way because well you have to  agree Most men have more ego than women and it's a proven fact so you can not argue on this..... 

Well enough for criticizing men so onto the third MAN.....
he walked from one end of the passageway or aisle (i do not really know what one calls it but some people refer to it as aisle) so yeah while he was walking he too had his "apple" headphones on (seriously it's like no other headphones are manufactured or do people forget about headphones from bode or even skull-candy?????) and was head banging no not the way Kurt Cobain or an other rock legend but in his own unique way which i termed as "minimalist-icily head banging" i.e.; head banging to a minimalist level but it being visible... CLEARLY.

So with what intention was he doing this????
Was it because of the awesome song he may be listening to??? 
or because he wanted to look COOL DUDE or to be specific to look like a COOLIO?????
or are"apple headphones" just a new accessory to grab attention???? (i doubt this since most people have them)

It's a  mystery to me and will still remain until i actually decide to ask one of the person doing such a thing why they do it? which owing to my shy nature is as next to impossible as trying to staple jelly onto a tree.....

but my vote goes to the trying to look like a "coolio" cause i could never imagine any sane person doing this just because the song is awesome.... even though how much they love it i doubt they would want to make a fool of themselves in public. They could even do this to seek attention .... but i am more inclined to the showing off part considering i can expect many Indians  to do this unlike me..... :)

Anyways think about it and try to solve this mystery for me and if you do do not forget to tell me!!

Think it over....