Thursday, February 24, 2011

the headphones theory

Including me their are many people listening to their Ipods.I should have noticed only the passenger sitting in front of me but i have noticed at least 3 more people as it is not like i was looking at people to see whether they were wearing their headphones but these 3 made sure their presence was felt and seen by others. 

                                          image:google images

One sitting in the first row of the aircraft, rocking his head made it evident to me as when i first looked at him i thought he was a weird dude but like 2 seconds later i noticed the "apple" headphones.... and understood.

I saw the second man when i was waiting to go to the toilet. This  man was hearing music before going inside and when he came out he was still doing the same i could come to know this because again of his "apple" headphones and the loud volume so loud that i even recognized that he was listening to Coldplay.
I am not against wearing headphones in the toilet but you have to agree it's kind of obscure to listen to music while you cleanse your digestive system!!!!!!!!!! 

Well till now i do not understand why people do this or is it just to show that one OWNS an "apple " ipod??????
I doubt any of these men would answer the question even if i asked them cause i think both of them  want to show off but you know very few people have the courage to admit it.... i know i would never do such a thing.
And its a typical Indian habit to show off.... therefore all i can say is if anyone is showing off deal with it! which can also be hard if you are an opinionated person like me......

Now, finally the third person well it is funny that all the people i have mentioned in this post are all men, probably women do not show off in such a way because well you have to  agree Most men have more ego than women and it's a proven fact so you can not argue on this..... 

Well enough for criticizing men so onto the third MAN.....
he walked from one end of the passageway or aisle (i do not really know what one calls it but some people refer to it as aisle) so yeah while he was walking he too had his "apple" headphones on (seriously it's like no other headphones are manufactured or do people forget about headphones from bode or even skull-candy?????) and was head banging no not the way Kurt Cobain or an other rock legend but in his own unique way which i termed as "minimalist-icily head banging" i.e.; head banging to a minimalist level but it being visible... CLEARLY.

So with what intention was he doing this????
Was it because of the awesome song he may be listening to??? 
or because he wanted to look COOL DUDE or to be specific to look like a COOLIO?????
or are"apple headphones" just a new accessory to grab attention???? (i doubt this since most people have them)

It's a  mystery to me and will still remain until i actually decide to ask one of the person doing such a thing why they do it? which owing to my shy nature is as next to impossible as trying to staple jelly onto a tree.....

but my vote goes to the trying to look like a "coolio" cause i could never imagine any sane person doing this just because the song is awesome.... even though how much they love it i doubt they would want to make a fool of themselves in public. They could even do this to seek attention .... but i am more inclined to the showing off part considering i can expect many Indians  to do this unlike me..... :)

Anyways think about it and try to solve this mystery for me and if you do do not forget to tell me!!

Think it over....