Monday, March 7, 2011

L.O.V.E a word that exists or not???

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Well I have not even fallen in love....
I am just fifteen cut me some slack.
But judging as an outsider.. Is love today just a representation of what they show in movies so that people come and watch it and then go and dream about their "perfect ending" or in the words of Disney princesses "HAPPILY EVER AFTER FOREVER"

Of course parents love their kids but come on they have like given birth to them so it's like they are programmed to do so if they do not well then that's an exception but how can we expect someone besides our parents or siblings(just cause we are blood related) to love us. Just the way we love our family???

Dogs give unconditional love... And I know that cause I have one but they are a different breed altogether. So back my question can you actually fall in love and remain in love truly unconditionally with someone who is not your family???

It's a funny thing with teenagers cause most of my friends who are dating end up breaking up by like six months the longest I have heard of is my friend who lasted a year..... Yeah that's an accomplishment...and yes I even had a friend who dated the guy for half a day!! I mean come on... Seriously???? So yeah no hope with teens so far...

I even don not know whether my parents love each other I know sad thing to say but they do not seem to in love yet their marriage is lasting somehow... I mean never do they go out for a dinner alone... Yeah a movie sometimes but that's just cause maybe the movie is R rated so my sister and I can not come along but never does my dad send flowers to my mom or anything like that he does what you call romantic and so i ask this again is love never in reality like they show in movies??? Or can someone actually be romantic and have a happily ever after forever??? Is it possible to???

Think over it...


  1. Hi Aakriti! (Is that your name? =])

    Well, everyone likes to think about love the way they put it in movies. Love is an awesome thing. And we're teenagers, I mean they can't expect much from us in that subject. We just try to experiment on things, right? We want to experience awesome things, even just for a while.

    And it's just crazy how this world works. Love is not a responsibility. You can't say you love someone and expect them to love you back. Imagine a world where you're obliged to love someone. That would be even crazier! =]

  2. Oh, and I just want to say something. Thank you for reading my blog! Your comments are nice-- such nice words for me! You saying that I was the reason you started blogging is a treasure to me. I love blogging and I love it that I inspired you to blog. I hope you're having fun so far! Just share your experiences and write with your heart. It's going to be so much fun.

    This is a good post! Keep it up, Aakriti! =D

  3. Thank you Oliver:)
    And yes my name is aakriti:D