Saturday, August 6, 2011

I am late but that doesn't mean i won't miss it.........

okayyy yes i am veryyyy late but this is a post which needs to be on my blog.

so it's not like i am a Jk Rowling fan but i am a Harry Potter fan :). Personally, i never liked the books but the movies were awesome and for some reason i cant believe next summer i will not be watching a new Harry Potter movie. It's over.

i still remember the first time i watched Harry Potter i was like 9, i think and i was so mesmerized  with the speaking hat,moving stairs and paintings!. it was all so magical and for 2 hours i was lost in another world completely. i always secretly wanted to be a Hogwarts student, i mean imagine how much fun it would be except fighting dangers that's a complete turn off cause i love my life.

Harry Potter, i will never forget you, you took me through my childhood, put a smile on my face every time i saw a movie about you. except the fighting scenes where most of the time i was on the edge of my seat. i will miss you but you and Hogwarts will be in my heart. it's something i will tell my kids.

i feel bad for today's 9 year olds i mean what do they have? twilight seriously that's just sad. i too hope they have something as exciting as Harry Potter to experience the thrill and for them to have something they will never forget.

Jk Rowling even though i didn't like the books much, i am grateful to you for making my childhood full of magic and to all those people who made the movies. i will truly miss Harry... the one who lived.

will you miss it?
think over it...


                                                         bye bye Hogwarts School :(

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  1. The saga came to an end after regaling people for a decade. I loved the books and loved to see the characters, the scenes enacted on screen. Sometimes they matched my imagination, the visual perception I had of them from my reading; sometimes not. The next generation will never know the fun of waiting at Platform 9 3/4, waiting to board the next train to Hogwarts, off to the next adventure.